Eastern Roofing Systems

Helping an Industry Leader


Eastern Roofing is a pro at installing commercial roofing at a staggering speed. Last time we checked, they covered 50,000,000 square feet with their roofing materials. That is no small accomplishment!


Our strategy was to showcase the volume of their work and diverse customer base. To accomplish this we visited 24 active job sites and went to the air for a bird's eye view.   

Client Engagement- 3 Years 

  • Corporate re-branding 

  • New website

  • SEO and Analytics

  • Drone videography

  • Onsite photography

  • Copywriting

  • Capabilities brochure

Unique Strategy

As one of the largest commercial roofing contractors on the east coast, not many companies could showcase as many projects as Eastern Roofing Systems. Our vision was to give prospective clients a bird's eye view of their work by using a drone to capture amazing video. The new website we created features 24 drone videos that span millions of square feet. Check it out...It's really amazing!

Soaring to New Heights

As a result of our unique marketing approach, Eastern Roofing Systems was able to significantly grow their business and separate themselves from the competition.